Casa Privada combines the style and service of a hotel experience with the residential comforts of a private home. Ideal for takeovers by friends and family, the Casa offers blissful privacy, set within a unique five-story building one block from the hotel. Among 14 individual accommodations (with private baths), you’ll find a room type for whatever strikes your fancy— including two Terrace Suites with outdoor tubs. Guests of the Casa enjoy all the perks and amenities at the hotel—and so much more.

Casa Privada is a multifaceted escape for rest, a 9-minute walk, refreshment, wellness, entertainment and anything else you can dream up. It’s set one block from The Standard, Ibiza, a stone’s throw from the restaurants and guest spaces of the main hotel. On one side of the Casa, you’ll find five stories dedicated to accommodations, three each on floors 1-4, and two terrace suites on Floor 5.
On the other side of the Casa, private guest spaces include floors dedicated to the lobby, wellness, our yoga studio, lounge and rooftop pool. Together, these areas create a rich getaway from the hustle and bustle of Old Town, while spectacular views and Ibizan energy radiate throughout Casa Privada.

When you reserve a total takeover of Casa Privada, you and your fellow guests will gain access to 14 chic, individual accommodations in the building. Suites in Casa Privada are comprised of three different types: Casa Suites (4), Superior King (8) and jaw-dropping Terrace Suites (2). Each suite is sexy and spacious in its own right, and all of them offer the elevated Casa Privada service and amenities when you buy the building out. Welcome to your sprawling pleasure pad on Ibiza for whatever fun and mischief your crew cooks up.